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Yay Friday Again

So today being the 10th of  May 2013, I am well looking forward to the weekend having dreaded the same old, same old from work with the same guys. Everyday seems like another Monday to me now. I'm hoping that I can get a permanent place here when my trial in this Tax Consultancy firm ends on the 17th of this month. Till then, I'll just have to make do with what I have at the moment and kinda hang in there in there for a bit. I'll post another Journal when I get updates as to what the hell is going on.  If you got any questions for me, just let me know and I'll be happy to answer any of them =)

See you in the comments =)


Comic Con,Swords,Dublin Ireland: I'm excited to announce that my boyfriend & I will be attending Comic Con this year!!! We are registered and paid from August 10th - August 11th.

Arcade Con,Ballsbridge,Dublin,Ireland: We are Ballsbridge Hotel booked for Arcade Con July 5-7th, at this point it's a full go.

Nom Con,Dublin Ireland: That Con is happening so we're going.We went last year and the year before that & we had a blast. Can't wait to go this year!!

MCM London Expo: If that Con is happening, we'll go.

Eirtakon,Croke Park,Dublin Ireland:We're booked and registered so am excited bout that ^.^

Hope to see you at one of these! =)

A New Beginning

Life has taken a lot of my time lately and when I mean a lot, I mean A LOT. So am on a job trial at the end of this month in a Tax Consultancy firm working 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday and a 9am-4pm job on a Friday. Plus I have been working without a Laptop or a PC so, I'm trying my best to save up for one. It has come to my conclusion that I have given up watching sport including that of my Arsenal FC. In sport, it's nothing but money and hero worship. Arsenal has become nothing to me because for the last 8 years they have won absolutely nothing and I have less time for them than I used to. Now, I am on trial with a Tax consultancy firm with a very good pay and plus since I have last posted a journal not only have a moved on but found a loving boyfriend, friends and a partial fursuit (yes, a partial FURSUIT). I don't mean to sound like an attention whore but no one on here gives a crap since nobody has even commented on one on my journals for the past 2 years. Last Tuesday I felt like suicidal after my mum and gran fell out with me, yet let my boyfriend stay on Saturday till Monday at their house. I need friends here on LJ because why post journals if nobody is reading and commenting on them? So unless you like me posting stuff up here then better start commenting. Anyway, been to a few musicals. Oliver,Starlight Express,The Lion King and The Phantom Of The Opera. August 24th is when I go see CATS with my boyfriend so am looking forward to that. Nearly got chucked out by ushers on Saturday after some people complained bout me making out with my boyfriend during the first half performance of the 2:30pm showing of The Lion King. I don't know whether I should hate myself that I should have been more restrained :( there have been many things that I've done that I hate myself for doing including have psoriasis of the scalp to deal with :( I have only taken medicated shampoo only ONCE and I'm only supposed to take it TWICE a week. Not that I weigh 80kg and my mom's constant "you look like you're 6 months pregnant" comments help either :( I bet there are better straight,bi and gay men that are better off than me. I know I have so much to look forward to but is living a life with my homophobic mom and her homophobic mom & the fact that I've still got psoriasis of the scalp really worth living?

What would you people do in my position to make my life a bit better? :(
So with a year and 7 months under my belt at college with another 5 months left, I can't seem to describe how I feel right now. I have my grandad's mass on Saturday and the sense of lonliness, aspirations, achievement and the thought of what I am going to do after college which I am not sure at the moment =\ There is so much I want to do with my life, I don't know where to begin :( : sadface: Don't know why I don't get out more -_-

Anyway, see you whenever....

Writer's Block: The winning ticket

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

I'd buy the rarest and exotic cars and finally move out of my parent's house, live in a reasonable place, buy a couple of fursuits and start up a metal band and make even more money =D

Rant 1

As I am still sad and angry over what happened in my last blog, there are no words to describe over the unneccessary killing spree of huskies in Canada. If I was that employee, I would've killed my employers rather than killing some harmless defensive animals. What that company did was inhumane, cruel, disgusting, vile, cold and premeditated. I hope the justice for the huskies comes soon because the company had no right whatsoever to "lay off" the huskies. As I write this, I'd like to draw to the awareness of the Freemasons AKA the New World Order. I know I haven't said it before but there you go. Many of who believe in this and one of them is one Jesse Ventura,an American politician, the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, Navy UDT veteran, actor, former radio and television talk show host and main investigator of his new series, Conspiracy Theories which the premiere episode was watched by 1.635 million viewers, TruTV's biggest audience for a new series launch. Over the first three episodes the series averaged 1.5 million viewers, up 60% from the same time slot a year prior. During the month of January the show averaged 1.6 million viewers helping truTV deliver its biggest month ever in primetime. I believe that those responsible for that hideous crime were also part of a long line of mindless, self-indulgent line of Freemasons. I promise you that 2012 is coming and everything will change. No more cruelty. No more New World Order. No more polluting the earth. No more Evil.We will all live in a free thinking, independant world where we can just be ourselves rather than being mere sheep to governemtns of the NWO. Call me crazy but there is the existance of alien beings, both good and bad. Even right now we are being watched even though we are not fully aware of it. Anyway,now that I got that off my chest I would like to announce that I finally have some exam filing done and have now gone back on animation tutorials with my instructor at college and will be some time before I get to do the actual animation itself. Cannot place a date when that will happen but there you go. I've recently looked at my previous blog and looks like no one has even read them or even commented on them which makes LiveJournal a bit boring I guess. Now I see LiveJournal have games now like Sim Hospital. I tried it out once and it seemingly doesn't appeal to me somehow. I have however played Theme Hospital (if anyone remembers it) made by a games company called Bullfrog. I can go on and on about classic games that I've played like Full Throttle (Lucas Arts), Need For Speed  III Hot Pursuit (EA Games), FIFA 2000, (EA Sports), F1 2000 (EA Sports), Over The Reich (Avalon Hill), the unforgettable, Worms (Team17), the greatest PC game right now, Age Of Empires series (Microsoft) and the second greatest space rpg, mmo, rts,rtt, Homeworld (Relic and Sierra Entertainment). Anyway apart from that, I will go grab some fresh air as there are things I need to personally catch up on. See you till then


It's been reported that a hundred huskies were killed in the Canadian ski resort of Whistler when the company they had been bought by ran into financial difficulties.

Canadian police have launched an investigation after details of the killings emerged in documents relating to compensation paid to an employee who was ordered to cull the pack. He had claimed he had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from having to shoot the animals.

Marcie Moriarty is the manager of cruelty investigations at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in British Columbia. She told BBC Radio 5 live Up All Night's Rhod Sharp that the incident had sickened her and that companies should have retirement plans for the working dogs.


Jan. 21st, 2011

Poll #1670336 A myth made real

Werewolves: Are they real? Your thoughts.

My first poll. Hope you,like

Yay Friday

So today being the 21st of January 2011, I am well looking forward to the weekend having dreaded the same old, same old from college with the same guys that I've been dreading to be with. Everyday seems like another Monday to me now. Hope I get a job when I leave college, not sure in what field though. Let's see, I've currently got plans to visit a friends down the country for the weekend, so am really looking forward to that. Am currently waiting for my next assignment to complete, you know what they say "the sooner, the better". As I'm typing this, I'm writing up a report on my assignment so far have 940 words and am writing a bit more so hopefully that gets a good review from the head examiners (kinda funny now come to think of it =3) but seriously I'm hoping that I can survive for another 10 months or so. Till then, I'll just have to make do with what I have at the moment and kinda hang in there in there for a bit. I'll post another Journal when I get updates as to what the hell is going on. For the meantime, I think I might post a few polls and let me know me know what you think so far. If you got any questions for me, just let me know and I'll be happy to answer any of them =)

See you in the comments =)

Long Abscence And Other Things

First let me start off with that I'm sorry that I haven't been around alot lately. Sometimes college and family life catches up with you  I guess =3 Now that the snow's gone, I guess I can get more wuff playtime ^.^ *wags* Anywho, I can't wait to go to the next anime con in October/November. Last year's Eirtakon rocked =D In other news, a tabby cat has been selected for jury duty in the US after his owners registered him on a state census form. The bizarre letter was sent to the cat, which was listed in the pets section of the census, by a court in Boston, Massachusetts calling on him for duty. Cat owners Anna and Guy Esposito wrote to the court asking the family pet, named Sal, to be excused from service because he doesn't speak or understand English. Mrs Esposito reportedly included a letter from her vet confirming that the cat was a 'domestic short-haired neutered feline' and not human.However, the request for the cat's exemption was refused by a jury commissioner and Mrs Esposito was told that Sal 'must attend' Suffolk Superior Crown Court.She said: "When they ask him guilty or not guilty, what's he supposed to say - meow?" "Sal is a member of the family so I listed him on the last census form under pets but there has clearly been a mix-up." The Daily Mail reported that Sal could have accidentally ended up on the juror list when paperwork was misread at the last census. According to the Massachusetts judicial branch website, US citizens who 'do not speak and understand English sufficiently well may be disqualified.' If Sal's application for disqualification is denied, the cat is expected in court on 23 March.


I know it's already January but am starting to think about what I should do after college. Maybe go onto another course, get a job somewhere, I don't really know =\ Maybe I should just focus on  the course I am doing at the moment and see where I go from  there. I promise my self when I haz enough monies, me gonna get myself a fursuit, full or partial I don't really know either =P

Anyway, am looking forward to recieving your comments whoever is reading this. Will get back to you asap =)

See ya then as I've furry tings to attend to =3 Woof!